We take care of everything, starting from setting up your dedicated content website, creating daily content and integrating with most of the Ad Networks to get best RPM.

Are you tired of sharing spammed links of various networks?

We felt the same. We built FameShip to help Facebook Page Owners to make most of the money without the fear of getting unpublished by Facebook

Problems with the present scenario

  • Irrelevant content: You have to share content which is not suited/relevant to your audience
  • No transparency: You have no clue how much networks make from your traffic and what’s your revenue share
  • Brand Value: For all the efforts, you get cash but ZERO brand value and ZERO assets created for you, while they get the Alexa rank, funding, fame and go onto make their empires riding on your backs

What we propose.

  • Your Website: We setup a content website for you on a domain relevant to your page and all the associated tech
  • Relevant Content: We also give you custom viral content, best suited for your page’s audience
  • Best RPM: We also setup best in class monetization practices, ensuring highest RPM for you.

What’s in it for you

  • Since, we have signed on the ad networks on your behalf, you always know what is your revenue share, complete transparency
  • You build your own future-proof, FB algo proof content brand, like Scoopwhoop, 9gag, BuzzFeed etc
  • No more page suspension, on the contrary higher chances of page getting verified

What’s the working arrangement.

  • Upto INR 130 RPM, we don’t charge a penny. Beyond INR 130 RPM, it’s 50-50 split.
  • We don’t charge you for the content/tech
  • We want complete freedom in ad placement, else we don’t make any penny

The only thing we require from your side is minimum guarantee of 1 Lakh daily visitors. Rest, we will take care of everything.

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